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Our first flying vacation was back in 1994 we loaded up our two daughters in the airplane and headed to Washington DC 10/19/1994. We flew through the White house VFR corridor and could see the white house from the air no flight restrictions was a very cool being able to fly in this area. Upon landing at the Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA airport we were graced with a gorgeous sunset and a small herd of deer outside surrounding boards at the end of the runway. On short final. ATC cut us loose and closed our flight plan. We taxied up to the FBO and parked and unloaded our aircraft into the waiting Taxi to our hotel room. This was the beginning of the quest for flying vacations that would forever change how we view our vacationing. So from this point on we would take off 2 weeks each year and fly out west with a few excursions to New Jersey from Daytona Beach Florida;  during the Thanks Giving holiday with my Brother Keith and his wife Dian. We started venturing out West first vacation was to El Paso Texas where we had an electrical failure which caused us to leave the aircraft on the field to have the Over Voltage Regulator to be replaced. So we rented a Ford Explorer and continued on to the Grand Canyon area where we had heard the atrocities that were occurring on some of the American Indian Reservations.  This exact moment in time caused me to have the conviction that I had to do something. So for the next several years while flying out West the development of the plan began. I talked to friends and family but still didn't actually have a plan, but still had a burning desire to continue on this quest of serving the cause. So we continued flying out west with the Idea of resolving this problem.


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